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Head Judge, Cüneyt Birol

We are delighted to announce that Cüneyt Birol has agreed to be our Head Judge for the 2013 show. Cüneyt is probably the most experienced and up to date discus judge in the world at the moment, having judged at nearly all the major shows in recent years. Cüneyt has helped us with some excellent suggestions in setting up our judging criteria, it is co-operation like this that allows us to continually improve, and we are very grateful to him.

Cüneyt has been an aquarist for 40 years and 25 of those years with discus. Cüneyt is one of the founders of the official Discus Club in Turkey and he also owns the largest Discus group on Facebook with over 3,300 members! He has completed the Discus Club (Singapore) training course and is one of their 5 certified judges. The course was given by Andrew Soh amongst others.
Cüneyt has judged at the following shows on tv box:

  • 1st Turkish Discus Championship,Turkey, 2009
  • 2nd British Discus Show, Great Britain, 2009
  • Shaquaria 2010 in Shanghai, China
  • 3rd British Discus Show (2011), Great Britain
  • Petfish 2011, The Philippines
  • 1st International Discus Championship, Indonesia, 2011
  • Aquarama 2011, Singapore
  • 3rd Polish Discus Championship, Poland, 2011
  • 3rd Dutch Discus Championship, the Netherlands, 2011
  • Discusvrienden 7th Discus Championship, Belgium, 2011
  • Nordic Discus Championship, Sweden, 2011
  • 6th Malaysia Discus Show, Malaysia, 2012
  • 2nd International Discus Championship, Indonesia, 2012
  • Petfish 2012, The Philippines
  • 1st European Discus Championship, Germany 2012 (President of the Jury)
  • 1st East-Mediterrenean Discus Championship, Greece, 2012


Paul Butler

Paul Butler will also be judging for us this year. Paul is well known in discus circles as the founder of BIDKA and the driving force behind the establishment of the British Discus Show as the UK’s foremost discus event.

Paul is a fish keeper with 47 years experience, keeping fish as varied as native cold water fish, tropical marine fish and tropical freshwater fish. He first came across discus in the early 1980’s, and has kept them seriously since the mid 1990’s.

Paul has previously judged at Aquafair 3rd International Discus Competition , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010, and Discusvrienden 7th Discus Championship, Belgium, 2011.

Paul will also be giving a lecture at the show.


Andrzej Nowicki

Andrzej has been keeping fish since 1965, and breeding wild and domestic discus for over 30 years. He has recently been the first person to have sucessfully bred the Heckel discus. As well as breeding, Andrzej is also a sucessful show competitor.


He is a PKMD show judge and has judged at the Polish discus shows on smart tv box.


Kaj Persson

Kaj has had an aquarium almost his whole life and discus continually since 1988. His company Diskus-Varberg is one of the leading company in Sweden importing discus from the most famous breeders and exporters in the world.
Kaj Persson is also one of the founders of Nordic Discus Society and is the president of this society since its inception.

You can also meet him at many of the international championships. In 2011 he did visit the championship in UK, Poland, Holland, Singapore, Indonesia and of course Malmö Sweden.

In Indonesia in 2011 he was a judge together with Cuneyt Birol


Catfish Study Group

The Catfish Study Group will be taking a stand again this year, we are delighted to welcome them to another show. If you want information on suitable catfish for discus aquaria or any other catfish related questions why not stop for a chat?


British Cichlid Association


The British Cichlid Association will be taking a stand again this year, we are delighted to welcome them to another show. The BCA is the place to go for all things cichlid in the UK


PKMD The Polish Club of Discus Lovers


We are delighted to welcome the PKMD to the show. The PKMD was established in 2002, and boasts some very talented members, including our judge Andrzej Nowicki.

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